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Comic Illustrations of Pregnancy Problems

by Qunki Team | family and parenting
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Line Severinsen is a mother of two children and she knows very well what are the problems and challenges that women face during the course of motherhood. She is also an animator who started a series of funny web comics in order to showcase the common problems and issues faced by women during their pregnancy.

Given below are some of the illustrations which will definitely make you understand the issues related to pregnancy in a fun and knowledgeable way:

1. This is very true in case of women who are in their third semester and find it very difficult to bend down and carry on their activities.

2. It is a universal fact that once you get pregnant, you won’t be able to see what is happening below your belly after some days.

3. This is one of the most irritating things that pregnant women face when everyone around her come and try to touch her belly.

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4. Stretch marks are the most common things that happen with pregnant women. You just cannot stop scratching your itching belly.

5. This is one of the funniest things that happen while having sex during the time of pregnancy. Men always tend to fear that they have harmed the baby.

6. During the third trimester you will almost feel like a fully grown cow when you go and sleep in the bed as you would have gained a lot of weight.

7. This is a common thing in all the pregnant women when there comes a time when their baby starts kicking from inside the womb.

8. There would be a thousand people with a thousand opinions regarding the name of your to be baby which will make you feel irritated.

9. When you are in your third semester you can do nothing regarding your regular workouts.

10. The previous socks and shoes that you own will not fit in with you when you are in your pregnancy period.

11. Cravings for food are one of the most amazing and crazy things that happen to women during their pregnancy period.

12. Pregnant women get well along with each other as they understand each other’s problems very well.

13. These are the most irritating things that pregnant women here during the course of having a baby.

14. This is the worst fear that a pregnant woman can have regarding the breaking of the water in front of the public.

15. Most people will be irritating you with words like you should not double the amount of your food.

16. Pregnant women are most desperately in need of pillows one way or the other.

17. The hands and feet of pregnant women get swollen too which make them look hilarious and awkward in the public eyes.

18. If you are in love with alcohol, you will probably have to drain yourselves out of it during the months of your pregnancy.

19. Newly pregnant women are mostly scared about giving birth to their babies for the first time as they have the fear of getting too much pain.

20. The placenta may be an important part of a pregnant woman’s body but it may seem to look horrible or disgusting in the eyes of other people.

21. The pregnancy hormones may sometimes irritate you and may sometimes make you love yourself.

22. The worst thing about pregnancy is the cramps that you would be having during the night time.

23. If you are pregnant then you are a long walk away from having your dream beach body.

24. Women having placenta previa always walk around in the fear of bursting it someday or the other.

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