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21 People Having Way Too Much Fun At Their Jobs

by Qunki Team | funny
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Work is not something everyone likes. Its very tough for most of people. But some people try to have fun with what they get at work. They transform work place to an entertainment place and make everything interesting. Here is few people who having way too much fun at work.

1 Guard birds.

2 BeDoBeDoBe.

3 Most people would just get a stress ball.

4 High-tech lunchroom.

5 Life imitates art.

6 Fun with technology.

7 Treat your staff like royalty.


9 Thats one way to try and signal Batman.

10 Thats an eccentric boss.

11 Creative advertising.

12 Efficiency in the workplace.

13 Dont tell HR

14 Creative sales tactics.

15 Go, Go Gadget Arms!

16 Im a wizard.

17 Safety first.

18 Always be prepared.

19 Dressed to impress.

20 Working with metal.

21 Feedback is important.

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