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Funniest Accidental Texts That Will Make You Shit Bricks

by Qunki Team | others
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Never hit the send button when you are drunk and we mean never! You will only land yourself in face saving spree the next morning. Well, if you are not drunk and still believe in sending out embarrassing text messages then sooner or later you are gonna end up being lonely.

Oops Didnt Mean To
Fat Girls
Accidental Dick Video
Both Asleep
Sister Phone
Kiss Face Emoji
Like Anyone
Totally Kidding
Stop Ignoring Me
The Cat Did It
Snapchat Jokes
Stole My Phone
Chatting With Kids
Take You Out
Change Boyfriends
I Like Her
Effect Vid
I Love You
Big Iphone
Wrong Conversation
Mii Pics
Not My Type
Facebook Police Officer
Sleepover Download
Hey Beautiful
Too Young
Wet Phone
Respect The Lady
Dazing Etherially
Wanna Truck
Screencap Snaps
Muslim Landlord
How Many Likes
Relationship Work
Too Much
Strom Bike
Send Picks
The Blacklist
Hard At Work
Love My Life
Sarah Airline Threat
History Class
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