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Kid Takes Friend To Earthquake Relief Team, Tells Them 'You Didn't Give Her Food'

by Qunki Team | uplifting
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Life has taken a different toll on the lives of people who were residing in Iran and Iraq, as the earthquake killed over 400 people.

The recent 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the region was easily one of the deadliest in Iran, subsequently injuring thousands of people. Those whose houses were now rubble, those who lost their families and those who have nowhere to go to are the ones who are on the streets.

Unfortunately, the local officials are expecting the death toll to climb as search and rescue teams reached remote areas of Iran. Amid all the tension that's persisting in the region, a 40-second long video has managed to restore people's faith in humanity.

0 Shared by Iranian journalist Sadegh Ghorbaniā€¸, the video shows a young boy, hardly six or Seven years old, pulling her friend by the hand towards the help.

0 'You didn't give her food' he says.

The help truck which was there to provide food to the people ended up missing his friend, and so he took her there and ensured that she had a plate for herself.

After the video went viral, a lot of people on Twitter are now rooting for the kid to run President, because frankly, they are tired of adults.

We love how these kids, regardless of the religion, region or state manage to inspire the world from their innocence and love for each other. Whenever tragedies have hit the world, these kids have done as much as they could to help imbibe love amongst each other.

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