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14 Images That Prove Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus !

by Qunki Team | wtf
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We know that men and women are not same. Males and females cant behave the same way, can't feel or think the same way. They differ in many ways.

is proving that men and women are from different planets with some of the simple sketches.

1 This is how their desk and desktop differs. Dont even think about messing up with her desk.

2 Thats how shampoo is picked.


3 Sharing Bed Equally means,

4 Getting ready for travel.

5 In public, No one wants to bother with guys, even guys.

6 Waiting for the toilet.

7 Getting ready for work.

8 After break up!

9 Going Out!

10 How they see themselves in the mirror!

11 Dress: Nothing and too much!

12 looking at a woman passing by

13 How they see colors.

14 Going to the Hair dresser.

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