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Hilarious #TrumpOnBlackHistory Tweets That Are So Real

by Qunki Team | others
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President Trump recently broke the internet with his continous series of tweets after his impeachment announcement. When you will understand his level of the African American history, you might just want to cringe in the corner. Below are some knowledgeable base of his version of the the Black American history, hilariously tweeted by people.

Trump Michael Jesse Jackson
Trump Will Smith
Trump Tubman
Trump Desmond Tutu
Trump Naacp Album
Trump Maya Angelou
Harriet Jacobs Attic
Trump Geaorge Washington Carver
Trump Naacp Ncaa
Trump Black History
Trump Tubman Bathroom
Trump Civil War Wall
Trump Soul Train
Trump Rosa Parks Buses
Trump Sugar Hill Gang
Trump Malcolm X
Trump Fresh Prince Bel Aire
Trump Dr Dre
Rosa Parks Central Park
Trump Booker T
Trump Jim Crow
Trump Back Of Bus
Trump Denzel Washington Carver
Trump Groundhog Day
Trump Nelson Mandela
Trump Douglass Kung Fu Fighting
Trump Tuskegee
Trump Rosa Omarosa
Trump Bill Cosby
Trump Louis Armstrong
Trump Lil Wayne
Trump Tubman Hotels
Trump Ghetto Shaft
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