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Secret Ingredients Manufacturers Add In Cosmetic Products

by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
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We use many beauty products in our daily life. Have you ever wondered what ingredients are added to your cosmetic products? Trust me, you have no idea. Here we have made a list of some weird ingredients that are usually added to cosmetic products. I am sure that many of you will think twice before applying any product after reading this.

1 Crushed Insects

crushed insects are main ingredient of many cosmetics

These are the primary ingredient of red lipsticks. The red color appears due to these insects. Check the ingredients in your red lipstick right now. Did you find an ingredient called carmine? In that case, it contains crushed beetles. Keep that in mind the next time you apply that lipstick.

2 Chicken Bones

chicken bone marrow is used for moisturiser

Every cosmetic product requires a moisturizer. Glucosamine from chicken bones is often used for that purpose.

3 Infant Foreskin

Infant Foreskin are used in many creams

As weird as this one sounds, it is true that infant foreskin is often used in various creams and beauty products.

4 Fish Scales

fish scales are part of nail polishes

Ever wondered why nail polishes are so shiny? That is because fish scales are used in nail polishes.

5 Whale Vomit

whale vomit is used in perfumes

Ambergris is a common ingredient in perfumes. It is extracted from either vomit or from the inner lining of the stomach of mammals. It helps in keeping the smell of perfume last longer.

6 Slime of Snails

slime of snails are used in expensive facial treatments

The slime from snails is a valuable ingredient in various luxury facial treatments.

7 Cholesterol

Cholesterol is is ingredient in many cosmetics since it has oily qualities

Cholesterol is also used in cosmetic products; since it has oily qualities, it is often used in anti-ageing creams.

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