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His Drawing Starts Off As Black And White, But When I See The Finished Product? Amazing!

by Qunki Team | creativity
Home > creativity > His Drawing Starts Off As Black And White, But When I See The Finished Product? Amazing!

A talented artist from California, Jonathan Martinez is on a mission to show the world the sorrows of the various endangered species in Nature.

He is trying to make people understand that Earth will never be the same again without these animals. Take a look at some of the most brilliant drawings he made below.

1 Outlining and sketching

It is amazing how Martinez just creates perfect pictures of animals from their imaginations. See how the owl seems to come to life as he completes the outline.

2 Definition and shading

This is the most important part of the drawing since the owl is given its own unique identity in this part. The definition and shading is top notch and makes the owl look almost real.

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3 Final touches

The final part involves adding a special touch to the owl's eyes. This shows his attention to detail. This is the part which sets him apart from other painters.

4 Eye of a lion

Just look at how magnificent the king of the jungle looks in this picture.

5 Neon tiger eye

This picture captures the wild and magnificent spirit of a tiger.

6 Phase one

This picture shows the true talent of Martinez. He can simply transform any ordinary painting of a sea turtle into a masterpiece.

7 Phase two

Most painters will leave this picture like this since the picture looks complete. But Martinez is no ordinary painters; he craves for perfection which is evident in the next picture.

8 Ultimate phase

After adding this color and definition, the turtle comes to life and looks as if it will swim right out of the paper.

9 Leopard

This leopard looks absolutely fierce and brilliant, almost life like.

10 Eagle

This picture has successfully captured the magnificence and boldness of an eagle during its flight.

11 Elephant

Martinez shows his special attention to detail in this picture. Look closely and you will find that there are no tusks on this elephant. We all know that elephants are often killed due to their ivory tusks and have become an endangered species as a result. This is the message that the picture is trying to convey to the world.

12 Tiger face

The image of the tiger and its skull shows how even the toughest animals on the planet are vulnerable and require protection at times.

13 Blue Jay

The Blue Jay is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The environment will never look the same again without its existence.

14 Panda

The picture clearly shows how sad pandas are. Pandas are almost going extinct and this condition hasn't improved in the last few years.

15 Shark

This picture is really amazing due to its attention to detail. Notice that the light rays are reflecting from the shark's skin, exactly what happens in Nature.

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