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One Look At Their Receipt And They Yelled For A Manager To Have The Waitress Fired On The Spot

by Qunki Team | wtf
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A waitress at a restaurant located in St. Loius, Missouri lost her job on a Saturday recently after she referred to her customers as Black Couple in their receipt.

The couple asked for the check after having a drink. They were shocked on seeing that the words Black Couple were written on the receipt where usually the table number is written. The manager, Patrick Hanon, was called and he apologized to both of them and also publicly after an image of the receipt posted on Facebook went viral.

In his public apology, he stated that they have a strict policy which restricts such behavior. They will never tolerate this and has taken steps immediately to fix it.All the employees will be re-evaluated to make sure that such an incident never occurs in the future. The restaurant has been running for 33 years, and this has never happened in the past. Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority, and they will do anything to maintain their status.

He also stated that the waitress shouldn't have resorted to such an action if she was unable to remember the table numbers. She was fired on the spot by the manager.

People were even more shocked when they found out that the waitress charged the couple $1.50 more than the normal. However, the manager later said that the extra cost was due to extra shots of alcohol.

The manager has modified their policies and no longer allows anything else to be written in place of the table numbers.

Let we know what you think about this receipt.

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