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Celebs Who Changed Their Appearance Dramatically For A Role

by Qunki Team | others
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Actors are not all parties and plenty of money; they make difficult commitments to achieve perfection in the roles they portray on screen. Their grit and determination is commendable and also create stellar award winning performances. A look at all those dedicated actors who risk their health to carry out stunning characters.

1. George Clooney looking beyond his present age.

2. From a high school sweetheart to a muscled hunk, Zac Efron got us swooning over him.

3. Who knew Deadpool would look like a greedy vampire.

4. Anne Hathaway playing the tramp part so well.

5. Emma can pass off as the legendary tennis player Billie Jean King.

6. Captain America remains memorable for his amazing transformation.

7. Playing like the obsessive ex.

8. Black Panther got all the predator moves.

9. From flabby to wash board abs chic.

10. From looking like the pizza guy to the handsome superhero material.

11. When you graduate from being the college hunk to Greek God status.

12. An effortless Fat to Fit example.

13. From the red carpet star to the homeless urchin.

14. When you define your past and move towards a better future.

15. Going from the boy next door to psychopath in seconds.

16. Your social media photo vs the real you.

17. When reel imitates the real life.

18. Harry Potter playing incognito.

19. When you hit the gym after a long time.

20. You at home vs you staying alone for college in a hostel for a few months.

21. When you want to scare the kids for Halloween.

22. When you meet your high school crush at the school reunion.

23. Too much on steroids looks like.

24. You when your mom feeds you vs when you want to impress your gf.

25. The handsome hunk on Tinder vs the blind date you get.

26. The awkward kid in school turns out to be a muscled hunk after puberty hits him.

27. When you are a strong woman inside and out.

28. Your school yearbook photo matches your college one.

29. You after getting married and having 3 kids.

30. Your career goals take a u turn.

31. You eating well at home vs you staying on bread crumbs in college.

32. You before and after having your heart broken by a beautiful chick.

33. Watching too many transformation reality shows.

34. You becoming the taste of town after playing plain Jane for too long.

35. You loving all the cross dressing sessions for Youtube videos.

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