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20 Reasons to Be Thankful You Do Not Have Children

by Qunki Team | family and parenting
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Some people always tell others how grateful they are for having kids and how much they love them and care for them. They keep on telling how cute their babies are, and that they never feel like them leaving them for a single moment. Their laugh and toothless smiles make their days perfect. However, some people will disagree.

There is no doubt that babies are cute but not always. There are times when you start to think that you would have been better off without your children. Check out the top 20 reasons you should be grateful for not having kids.

1 No one will be there to destroy your delicious peanut butter

2 You don’t have to worry about other disgusting stuff which bear a strong resemblance to curry.

3 You don’t have to clean up others’ mess afterwards.

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4 You can decorate your walls according to your own choice.

5 Your iPad will stay safe and secure all the time; you don’t have to worry about anyone chewing it.

6 Paint according to your own wish

7 Enjoy your Disney World Tour without any worries or troubles.

8 Enjoy dinner with those people who love to eat as much as you do.

9 No accidents will happen in your toilet.

10 Use your sinks only for brushing and washing hands, nothing else.

11 No more worrying about pee on your favourite clothes.

12 There is no chance of wearing T-shirt of the same color as that of another person…. cause the color of his dress changed due to pee.

13 Open your packages when they are delivered without any inconvenience.

14 Don’t worry about cleaning up any mess before sleeping.

15 Your couch won’t change its appearance overnight.

16 You won’t have to watch some gross acts of children.

17 Watch any TV show you want without any distraction.

18 No one else will touch your expensive makeup.

19 No worries about what went into someone else’s mouth.

20 If you love baking, you can do that peacefully without any disturbance.

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