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18 Photos Which Prove That Your Genes Are Amazing

by Qunki Team | family and parenting
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These 18 pictures of family members prove that genes are amazing. See the similarities of kids of the same family from different generations; there won't be a better proof of the magic of genetics.

1 Generations in a single photo


3 generations in a single photo. It looks like three different pictures of they are from 3 generations.

2 History repeats itself


These women have gap of four generations between them. But they look like same person

3 Identical features


Of course this granddaughter got many features of her grand mother.

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4 Generations apart


A great grandfather- great grandson duo. We just cant distinguish them easily.

5 Are we twins


If you think they are twins, you are wrong. They are father and son.

6 Handsome genes


Apart from hairstyle this grandfather and his grandson look alike.

7 Complementing stuff


Looks like twins but actually generations apart.This image of Grandma and granddaughter shall certainly make you sit up and look with eyes wide open.

8 Laughing out


Only the settings are different otherwise i am just like my father.

9 At same place


May be they have shot the pictures at the same place.M other and daughter closely resembling each other including the backgrounds.

10 Like father like daughter


Have you ever said Like father like daughter. This image will surely make you say this.

11 Another one


Here also we can see one more shot of resemblance.No doubt why the daughter is laughing. Maybe seeing her fathers image.

12 Another father- daughter resemblence


We have seen exactly looking mother and daughter, but this is so astonishing to see similar faces of Father and her daughter. Their smiles were so indistinguishable.

13 Mother daughter duo


One more example of how genes of a person pass in their family. Mother and daughter are so similar looking.

14 I am just like you


another mom and daughter

15 Mother and her shadow


Every daughter aspires to be like her mother in whatever they do. But here the daughter is exactly the carbon copy of her mother, to say the least.

16 And once more


You will never fed up watching this again and again. Even the son is amazed to see his father looks like him.

17 Brothers indeed


Genetics can make things looks like miracle. Here we can see father and son looking exactly the same.

18 Father and son duo


See the smiles from this father-son duo. That makes you wonder about genetics for sure.

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