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Funny Parenting Memes That Will Make Every Parent Smile

by Qunki Team | others
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Parenting is no doubt an uphill task, having a kid is both exhilarating and fun at the same time. Not to mention the hilarious tasks that one has to invent on a daily basis to raise the kids. Here are a few comical situations that make parenting worthwhile.

1. The makings of a scientist.


2. The moment when you are about to explode as a parent.


3. That is why they say – Eat your Greens.


4. A tom boy in the making.


5. When mom lectures you to eat healthy.


6. Your afternoon siestas have turned into a nightmare.

7. Negotiating on who’s the Boss.


8. Diaper changing duties be like – handling a wild animal.


9. When its way past the bed time stories.

10. Making mom’s daily routines easier.

11. Trying to stay calm before the storm.

12. When you need a healthy dose of positive energy.

13. You end up grocery shopping for the whole month.


14. Parenting – when sleep becomes a luxury.

15. The before and after of being good parents.

16. When you are seconds away from being yelled at.

17. All family reunions ever.


18. Daddy’s belle vs Daddy’s devil.


19. When the wrong genes take over.


20. Why do kids have so many questions?


21. Poop training messing up your mind.


22. When every ounce in your body screams for rest – Welcome to Parenthood.


23. When you seconds away from a crappy night and wailing baby.


24. When they go from cute to nasty in zero seconds.


25. You staring at your clubbing pictures in your mom dress.

26. When you can’t wait to have kids.

27. Brighter side of parenting vs uglier side.

28. Thoughts when you are having a peaceful shower.

29. The first feeling of creating something unique.

30. Can’t even pee in silence – every Mom ever!

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