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This Is What Your Fingernails Tell About Your Personality

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
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Our personality represents who we are. People know us by your character, which constitutes out thinking processes, manner, behavior, and nature. People become friends with us because they love our personality.

Our personality depends on a lot of factors. One thing that most people are unaware of is the fact that our fingernails also play a vital role in determining our personality. This might sound weird, but it entirely true.

So check out the article below which explains in details about the various fingernail shapes and patterns and which personality each of them represents.

1 Flat And Wide

These people have a clear goal in mind. They trust their instincts and follow them. They are quite creative and are well known for their excellent problem-solving skills.

2 Square And Regular

If you have such fingernails, then you are a very sensible person. You are sincere, loyal and complete your responsibilities. You are extremely reliable and that's why people trust you. They are often to become leaders. And they also know how to make parties awesome.

3 Small And Curved

These guys are creative, and they love to make others laugh. They are hilarious, and they are great at talking with people. Apart from that, they are also loyal but have been known to be a bit stubborn at times.

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4 Uneven And Small

This pattern denotes intelligence. These people are usually smart, energetic and love to interact with others. However, they are introverts in the sense that they don't express all of their emotions to others.

5 Triangle-Shaped Nail

People who have fingernails in the shape of a triangle are known to be brave. They have a strong will, and they are honest and smart. They work according to your plans. Since they are excellent planners, any work they perform will produce a perfect result at the end.

6 Rectangular And Elongated

They are extremely lively and cheerful people. They are social and love making new friends. They are quite careful and make every decision in their lives with extreme precision.

7 Long And Oval

This fingernail pattern indicates creativity. People with such fingernails have brilliant imaginations and are always happy. They can be excellent artists too.

8 Exclusive Cuticle Line

If you belong to this category, then you are a unique person. Your choices differ vastly from ordinary people. You are a social person, and you like to be happy and cheerful all the time. They have nothing in common too.

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