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Some Common Mistakes We Make In Our Everyday Life

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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In our day to day life, we do a lot of activities as a part of our schedule, and we even don't realize if we are doing that activity the right way. We develop a certain habit of carrying out an activity, and that becomes our usual way of doing it. We never focus on the optimization of the process. These activities may save our time or save us from a health hazard if we optimize the way of doing it.

Here are some of the activities which require our attention

1 Charging our mobile devices

Mobile devices are the most used commodity of our daily life. We all have smartphones these days which are required to be charged multiple times in a day. We just plug them on charging with data pack on or using internet simultaneously, which hardly gives any benefit of charging the phone. If we put the phone on charging in flight mode or the switched off state, then it gets charged at double speed.

2 Use of headphones

We all love to listen to music when we are traveling, in traffic, etc., so we plug the headphones straight into the ears without realizing the way of doing it. The correct way of doing it is folding the wire above the ears and then plugging it in the ear. It has some scientific health benefit, and the voice is also more filtered.

3 Arranging our keys

Keys are a small thing but its a big loss if we misplace them. All keys to our daily use look alike, and it is not easy to find out the correct key for the correct lock. One of the ways is to have different keyrings of various designs to distinguish, but that is also difficult to maintain. The best way is to label the keys with different nail colors or permanent markers so that it is easy to recognize the exact key.

4 Choosing the foundation


Almost all females apply foundation on face and skin when they go out so that they have a touch-up and they look good. But sometimes the color of foundation does not match the skin color, and it's visible. The choice of foundation should be such that it is not noticeable. The foundation should be almost matching to the skin complexion so that it does not give a weird look.

5 Applying moisturizer


moisturizer prevents our skin from getting dry. It is a good practice to apply moisturizer post-bath. Different type of moisturizers is available for summer and winter season. The common mistake which many people do is rubbing the moisturizer against the skin. It is the wrong way of applying it. The right way is to smoothly tap it on the skin. This way, the skin absorbs it better, and it is eventually more effective.

6 Making round half fried egg


We all have tried making a half fried egg once in our life. But most of the times, it is not perfect, and the egg float around the pan and the output is of weird shapes. But an onion ring can be a game changer in this case. Place an onion ring in the center of the pan and then crack the egg. The dish would be a perfectly round shape.

7 Extender

If your Undergarment is too tight, you can use Undergarment extender to make it little comfort for your body.

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