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Weirdest Inventions You Might Be Interested In

by Qunki Team | wtf
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New inventions are being made every year. Some of them are very useful and popular, while others not so much. Some of them can be quite weird too. Take a look at some of the most bizarre inventions of modern times which you might be interested in.

1 One-position bed

weirdest inventions of all time

This bed will force you to only sleep in one position. If you even try to sleep in any other position, you are going to fall off simply. If you have the shortage of space in your room, I guess you might be able to use this.

2 Tomato robot

crazy ideas that made millions

This robot will be placed on top of you while you are running or jogging, and it has only one job to feed you tomatoes. I guess this might have worked if it could feed other items as well.

3 Clean handshake

crazy inventions of 2016

How many times have you resented the decision of shaking hands with some other person since your hand will be contaminated with germs? If you think about this often, then try this new device which will allow you to have a handshake without fearing any transfer of germs.

4 Foot-powered bike

weird inventions

This is a bicycle which runs solely on foot power; it doesn't have any pedals. However, you will probably feel exhausted after moving a short distance on this bike.

5 Pee pocket

weirdest inventions ever

This invention is only for women. It allows women to urinate in a standing position. Although it sounds weird, it is quite popular among women in Amazon.

6 GPS shoes

top ten weirdest inventions

These shoes have GPS inbuilt, you just need to check the LEDs at the tip of the shoes which will direct you to your desired location. Just don't get into any accidents.

7 Husband Hunting Bra

A model demonstrates the Husband Hunting Bra in Tokyo. Under the bra cups is a clock counting down to the date set by the wearer. When an engagement ring is inserted, the countdown stops

8 Female lap pillows

dumb business ideas

This is the probably the weirdest invention in this list. These are known as Hizamakura Lap Pillows in Japan, and these should give you the feeling of a woman's lap if you sleep on them.

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