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Here Is What Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health!

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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One thing not many people seem to understand, is that listening to your body is quite an important aspect to ones life. This is why it is essential we learn what we need to listen out for and what it all would mean. Your nails are one of the easiest ways to Listen to your body since we look down at our nails all the time, they are always there and they also have different conditions tht can be caused by something inside your body. So read on to learn to read your health problems from your nails with some tips to also make them better.

1 Importance of your Nails

how to have healthy fingernails fingernail health warning signs fingernail signs of illness

There are many different reasons why our skin, nails and our mouths for the different way they look, based purely on the fact that they can tell us what is wrong with our bodies from the inside out.

2 Nails that are Brittle and Flexible

nail problems and what they mean fingernail problem pictures and descriptions big toe nail problem

If your nails look like this in which they break easily, and peel then you might be too rough by applying way too much pressure during a manicure or if you use too much acrylic on your nail. Other than that, when you get older than your nails generally tend to get weaker or if you have a Vitamin A deficiency.

3 White Spots

flat fingernails symptom nail diseases and disorders chart how to take care of fingernails

There are a few reasons for white spots on your nails. Ranging from protein to calcium, there are a number of deficiencies that could be the cause, so it will be wise to visit a doctor and figure that out. But it can also be some kind of fungal disease or an allergic reaction. So be wary if you have white spots in your nails.

4 Yellow Tinge

finger nail care tips nail care tips how to care for fingernails

This one doesnt particularly look healthy or nice so you will notice it quite easily. Your nails can look like this if you smoke a lot or use dark nail polish that you leave on for quite a while. If it is none of those, then it can be a fungal disease.

5 Nail Clubbing

how to take care of your nails natural nail care tips how to strengthen fingernails

This one isnt a very visually appealing nail problem, but it also is a terrible sign as well. What is happening is the tips of the fingers enlarge to cover the nails. It is an indication of lung disease, which isnt a condition that is easy to live with.

6 Dark Bands

nail care basic nail care tips home nail care

When there are dark bands like this means there are moles in the nail bed, but they are also benign. But if it gets darker and darker, is when there is cause to worry and you should make a visit to the dermatologist to get it checked out.

7 Spoon Nails

how to care for your nails care of fingernails how to have healthy toenails

If your nails grow out and up wards, giving the impressing of a spoon it usually means you have a severe iron deficiency. But problems with your heart or thyroid gland could also be indicted with your nails looking like this.

8 Splinter

how to get healthy fingernails fingernail treatment for healthy nails how to grow healthy toenails

If you see dark lines like this forming underneath you nail, it is very small little blood clots that that run vertically under the nails. This is an indication of different types of connective tissue disorders or even stress received from trauma.

9 Pitted Nails

nails health pics of fingernail health problems fingernail health indicator pics nail indicators of

If your nail looks like someone poked it multiple times with a needle, so it has a rough surface it is a result of skin disorders which cause the layers of the nail to be pitted during the development.

10 Solutions

pictures of fingernail problems fingernail indicators of health problems fingernail signs of disease

A great way to protect your nails is to use a hand lotion, particularly one with Vitamin E to moisturise your hands. Be sure to massage it into your cuticles as well.

11 Nail Hardener

Another way to keep your nails super strong is to paint on some nail hardener as a base coat.

12 Short

fingernail health indicator nail bed fingernails indicator health common nail problems pictures

Trimming your nails will keep them safe and healthy, and of course clean. So the best way to cut them, is cut straight across and then trimming the edges to make them a little bit rounder.

13 Hygiene

fingernail cancer signs fingernail signs of health issues splitting nails sign of illnessSource

It is no surprise to hear that you should keep your nails dry and clean else they will accumulate a lot of bacteria, also weaken your nails. And we all want our nails to look great.

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