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She Cracks Open A Giant Clam Hoping To Find A Pearl. What She Discovers Instead…INCREDIBLE!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Everyone dreams of finding an oyster or mollusk to find one amazing and beautiful pearl that is theirs to treasure for always. But you will be amazed at what this girl found when she opened up mollusk and found inside. Read on to have your mind blown.

1 A Mollusc

It is extremely rare to find a pearl inside an oyster, the reason it is so rare is that out of 7, 000 different species, only about 20 are capable of creating a pearl. And the few that can make a pearl, it would take an endless process about four years or so for a pearl to be fully cultivated.

2 Mother Nature

It is another blessing from Mother Nature to have a magical process like this create a beautiful pearl inside a gross looking sea thing. That you see there are Oyster guts, people eat these! Besides that, pearls have such simple beginnings.

3 The Process

The process a pearl is made quite an amazing thing. And scientifically speaking, it is very fascinating. But for those that didn't pay attention at school, read on to learn more about how an oyster is made. The basic principle is that if something successfully sneaks into the oyster's shell, the creature will become extremely defensive, in a very interesting way.

4 The Intruder

Being a shell with openings means anything can get inside the shell, such as a very tiny single grain of sand that obviously has an effect on the inner workings of an oyster. So what the oyster does is it will produce a coating of Nacre which is basically a protective coating that helps the oyster reduce the irritation of the intruder.

5 The Coating

A pearl is born because the intruder is covered in a protective coating of microscopic crystals of calcium carbonate which get covered over and over with many coatings to create a beautiful pearl. There are so many irritating things in this world like mosquitos, why cant they be used by nature to make something amazing?

6 Luck

It is quite difficult and extremely rare for someone who isn't an oyster farmer to find pearls randomly, so a little bit of luck is needed. Such as a video has found its way onto the internet and gone viral of a girl cutting open and finding a mollusk full of pearls which have enthralled so many people.

7 The Video

The woman in this video doesn't crack open an oyster, which for some reason has entertained 24 million people so far on Facebook alone.

8 Not an Oyster

Surprisingly, this thing she is opening up isn't an oyster, it is a giant clam! This is what makes it so amazing, clams do not produce pearls as much as an oyster would, but this particular one is a treasure chest full of pearls.

9 Greatest Luck

This woman was looking for one pearl, to see for herself the beauty inside the shell. It's extremely rare to even just find one, but inside clams or muscles, it's near impossible but as you can see, there are a hand full of pearls found in this one clam.

10 Jackpot

This isnt even the tip of the ice berg, she pretty much found hidden treasure.

11 The Video

Below you can watch the video for yourself and be amazed.

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