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The Biggest Cancer Causing Food Revealed You Wont Eat It Anymore

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Hotdogs are one of the most popular food items throughout the world. No matter how unhealthy these are, people still love to consume these. Some people even consider it their breakfast, which makes them susceptible to even greater risk of diseases and cancer. So check the article below to know about the life threatening effects hot dogs can have.

1 Cancer researchers found this

By consuming just one hot dog a day, a person’s chances of getting colorectal cancer increases by around 21%.

2 Leukemia threat

Apart from cancer, if more than one is consumed per day, then the threat of leukemia also increases drastically. Studies have shown that some children can eat anywhere from 5 to 12 hotdogs in a month.

3 Animal remains, fats and some other strange materials are the main ingredient of hot dogs.

4 Cancer causing ingredients

When these hot dogs are warmed, the nitrates and nitrites present in them, form nitrosamines with amines, which are carcinogenic in nature.

5 Various infections and diseases are also spread by these materials.

6 The malignant compounds

The main ingredients are sodium nitrite, sodium diacetate, sodium phosphates, sodium lactate, sodium ascorbate, dextrose, mechanically separated chicken, pork, less than 2% salt, corn syrup.

7 Several other harmful substances, other than fatty tissues are also present.


Horrible and weird substances such as disposable blades, rat legs, and metal sections were found in this food item in a recent study.

9 So next time, keep these points and facts in mind before consuming another one next time.

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