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30 Most Unusual Sign Boards You Will Ever See

by Qunki Team | others
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Sign boards can crack you up all the time, there are many who use their comedian skills on attractive sign boards. Below are some cheesy one liners and caution signs that will not only lighten your mood, but also enable a hearty laugh.

Talk about forewarning a painful death to someone.


The push and pull door signs can be so confusing that you just use the back door.


Been so drink you try to bypass the milk cans in the fridge.


When you feel the need to have trial rooms for condoms!


Signs when you are too drunk and try to take a dive dump.


Try and keep in the speed lane limit if you do not want an early death.


Crocodile backs are not there for joy rides.

When bachelors get reminders to keep the clothes clean.


Addicts beware! Bathroom tiles are not snuff tables.


When history repeats itself or maybe it is a hidden code for a timecapsule beneath.

Gas stations have an explicit sense of humor.


When you try and treat Lions like Monkeys.

Do not play the smartass hero while in a dangerous situation.


When you need to put up anti moral policing signs on the beach.

When your business is in a desperate need of a bailout.

Make sure your dog takes a proper walk and not dump on people’s property.


When your driving skills are tested beyond limits.


When you need glasses to open doors.


Ain’t no women complaining about hard work here.


Sign boards for people who love to live in the fast lane


You need validation for being Human.

Keep your hands off the darn wet door.


When you gotta check if the office is closed or open.

Take about attracting customers, height of marketing.


When you are selling for Christmas but have the Thanks giving sign still up.


When you end up emptying your pockets on cheeky food deals.


No burglars allowed in here.


When you see a hospital maternity sign accidently on a store door.


Water is essential but wine and beer sound like heaven, in them we trust!


Your local church giving you weather updates.

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