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Most Shocking Birth Defects That Will Make You Cringe

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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There are several types of defects which can happen at birth. While some of them are not dangerous and can be easily fixed after birth, there are certain other birth defects which are extremely dangerous as well as rare. Take a look at the top 10 horrifying birth defects of all times.

1 Hyperlordosis

birth defects list top 10 birth defects

This is a rare birth defect in which the lower part of the back is more curved than normal, which can cause a lot of back pain and muscle pain.

2 Club Foot

10 most common birth defects birth defects on the rise

The foot base is slightly twisted towards the inside, preventing the child from placing the foot properly on any surface.

3 Conjoined twins

terrifying birth defects different types of birth defects

In this rare but horrible birth defect, two twins are born joined together from a single or multiple parts of the body. Although surgery can separate the twins, it is extremely risky and can result in the death of both the twins.

4 Hypertrichosis

chromosomal birth defects list examples of birth defects

Children who suffer from this defect show hair growth in one or more abnormal areas of the body.

5 Fused Limbs

heart birth defects list common genetic birth defects most common birth defects in america

This defect causes legs to be joined near the ankle. It is also known as mermaid legs.

6 Cyclopia

common birth defects 10 bizarre birth defects

This is an extremely rare defect. In this defect, the child only has one eye at birth.

7 Craniopagus parasiticus

This is a case of parasitic twinning which is one of the rarest defects of all times. Out of 10,000,000 births, only 4 to 6 children are born with this defect. Moreover, only 10 such cases have been officially reported.

8 Fibrodysplasiaossificansprogressiva

types of birth defects genetic defects in babies genetic defects

This defect is associated with connective tissues. It occurs due to a mutation of the immune system of the body, causing fibrous tissue to be ossified. This can happen either when they are damaged or even in normal conditions. As a result, joints can become stuck or frozen. Surgeries have been tried to get rid of the extra growth of bones, but after surgeries, the growth of bones becomes even more rapid.

9 Progeria

birth defects what causes genetic defects types of birth defects list

Progeria is a rare birth defect which causes children to age much faster than the normal rate.

10 Vestigial tail.

congenital birth defects list babies born with rare defects genetic birth defects list

In this defect, the born child only has a soft tail. He only has blood vessels, nerves as well as muscles but no vertebrae.

11 Epidermolysis Bullosa - Butterfly Babies

12 Foetus In Foetu - Pregnant Babies

13 Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis - Skin Like A Tree Trunk

14 Anencephaly - Babies Born Without Brains

15 Unexplained Mutation - Baby With Two Faces

16 Arhinia - Baby Born Without A Nose

17 Conjoined Twins - Born Inseparable

18 Microcephaly - The Head Is Shrunken

19 Severe Combined Immunodeficiency - Bubble Boy Disease

20  ambras Syndrome - Hairy From Head To Toe

21 Mermaid Babies

22 Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva - Bones That Don’t Belong

23 Genetic Mutation - Puppydog Tails

24 Albinism - The Hunting Of White Babies

25 Omphalocele - Born With Organs Outside Of The Body

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