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13 Struggles Of Being A Man That Women Will Never Understand

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
Home > lifestyle > 13 Struggles Of Being A Man That Women Will Never Understand

1 Its a pen-is, not a sniper rifle

2 Not checking out your rack is really tough

3 Sometimes the merchandise needs rearanging

4 We cut ourselves shaving and the whole world knows

5 Having nothing in common with your girlfriends best friends boyfriend

6 The mexican standoff of bathroom stall noises

7 We have no legitimate sexy time clothes

8 Spacing out

9 Theres not much we can do about Natures alarm clock

10 Being in a relationship makes you more attractive

11 99% of mens shamboo and soap only comes in douchebag scent

12 The emasculating shame of not being good with tools

13 Having to give up Thats what she said

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