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33 #BadWaysToStartAConversation Tweets That Will Teach You How Not To Start A Convo

by Qunki Team | others
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So you happen to be shy and really do not know how to make strangers flock around you like birds? Then never read these conversation starters, they will only mean you having the stigma of facing the crowd for a lifetime. Pick up some other lines for your crush to say ‘yes’ to the date.

Just Got Released
Relocation Notice
Bad Ways To Start A Conversation
Sculpted Topiary
Do You Always Smell Like That
Funny Ways To Start A Conversation
Szechuan Sauce
Blame On Many Sides
Dead Grandpa
Health Department
Third Stall
When Are You Due
Pop This
Natural Red Head
No Disrespect
No Offense
What Are You
Paid For Women
Sudden Compliment
The Box
Trump Organization
Voted For Trump
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