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If Your Wrist Bone Pops Out Like This, THIS Is What It Means!

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Almost every human being has goosebumps, but have you have ever thought what causes that? We do know that goosebumps occur only when we feel cold, but what is the exact reason? You would be surprised to know this is actually linked to certain traits we have inherited from our ancestors. Check out the article to know more about these traits.

1 We have inherited our jaw shape from apes.

2 There is an easy way to know which ancestor you have come from.

3 Keep your arm on a flat surface and bring your little finger and thumb near each other while tipp

4 If you find that there is a raised tendon that means that your arm has a vestigial muscle.

5 About 85% of humans have this tendon. This tendon is named the Palmaris longus.

6 Vestigial organs based on our ancestors.

7 The indication of this tendon means that our ancestors (apes) used to move on all four legs.

8 Why we have goosebumps ?

This happens due to contracting muscles.There are muscle around the hair. These contract when cold, hence the skin rises which creating what we call goosebumps.

9 The surprising fact is that animals too have goosebumps.

The reason is that amount of insulation increases for furry animals due to raised hair, improving their insulation from the cold.

10 Watch the video to know more.

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