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Photos Of Celebrity Moms With Their Cute kids

by Qunki Team | others
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Celebrity moms are the envy of common moms for their glamourous avatars, and the kids are the apple of the eye for paparazzi. It is always a delight to watch adorable celeb kids with their stylish moms giving us some major fashion goals. Below are some candid shots of temper tantrums and sweet chubby faces of famous kids with their moms trying to keep them discreet from the prying lens.

1. Kourtney keeps it matching with her daughter’s tutu dress.


2. When you got to deal with anger management on the streets.


3. Christina’s son seems to be more proud about showing off her bump.

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4. When you want those candies so bad, but Mama ain’t listening to your crap.

5. Baby boy in ballerina booties.


6. When you look up to your mom as the father figure.


7. Only a patient mother can deal with dancy mood swings.


8. Mother’s always got your hands.


9. You trying to enjoy the show minutes before your baby throws up.


10. Gonna take you to the dentist screaming and kicking.


11. When you can’t figure out whether to hold the baby or her doll.

12. Proud that your kid has taken after you expression.

13. The casual stroll not as exciting as mom promised.


14. When you want to show off your kid but also worry for her safety.


15. Always be a baby for mama.


16. That one child who wants all the attention.


17. Excited for the family vacation to Disney land.

18. When you know you have worn ugly house mom dress but still gotta shine.

19. When your mom refuses to let you have chocolates, you embarrass her in front of the paps.

20. When you and your kids are best buddies.

21. No time to workout, so you step out with your kids.

22. When he just falls asleep and someone from the paps sneezes.

23. You do not care about the camera’s watching your mom moves.

24. When you are having a rough day at your kids school.


25. Getting all cuddly in the cold weather.

26. Keep smiling at the camera theme gone all wrong.


27. When your mom is the hottest on the block.


28. Long nights keep showing all over your face.

29. That one kid that hates family pictures.

30. Never to old to cradle in mama’s arms.

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